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2023 Festival Details

Click here to download the complete 2023 Official Program Guide including description of all films and schedule of events. Everyone will receive a printed copy when they arrive at the theater. This may be updated slightly to add sponsors, etc. but no times or events will be changing.

2023 Festival: Text

2023 Award Winners

Thank you for submitting your films to the BSFF. We had the best year ever! Our 4 judges watched all the films in their entirety and judged each film based on 16 categories rating each category from 1 to 10.
14 of the 18 accepted films won awards this year. If you didn't win an award, you are still a winner because only 50% of the films submitted were selected for the festival. That puts you among the best!

Best Editing (Feature Documentary) - The Dogmatics - Rudy Childs

Best Supporting Actress - The Disapperance of Eve - Bea Alvarez

Best Short Script - Reservations - Patrick Belics

Best Cinematography (Short) - The Burden of Beauty - Matthew Wise

Best Actress - The Wallflower Pact - Lexi Oliver as Lynn

Best Sound Track (Short) - A Juddering - Neal Cleary
Best Actor - Oscar Williams as Otto in A Juddering

Best Student film - Self in Progress - Kayla Lehman

Second Best Feature Documentary - Acting Like Nothing is Wrong - Jane Rosemont

Best Feature Documentary - DOSED - Nicholas Meyers & Tyler Chandler
Best Directing (Feature) - DOSED  - Nicholas Meyers & Tyler Chandler

Second Best Short Narrative Film - Stalked - Wesley Mellott
Best Editing (Short) - Stalked - Wesley Mellott
Best Special Effects - Stalked - Michael Mowen & Ryan Osborne
Best Audio - Tied - Stalked - Rob Coccagna & Brian Schwenk
Best Sound Design - Stalked - Adrian Gucze

Second Best Short Documentary - Blackberry Winter - Jorge Rey
Best Audio - Tied - Blackberry Winter - No credit

Best Short Documentary - Three Souls in Search of an Embrace - Tom Donohue & Greg Shaya

Best Short Narrative Film - The Firefly Jar - Gary Fierro
Best Directing (Short) - The Firefly Jar - Gary Fierro
Best Supporting Actor - The Firefly Jar - Reno Venturi as The Great Sampson

Best Feature Narrative Film - Stargazer - Alan McIntyre
Best Feature Script - Stargazer - Kate Ginna and Rob Ackerman
Best Editing (Feature Narrative) - Stargazer - Alan McIntyre
Best Cinematography (Feature) - Stargazer - Alan McIntyre
Best Sound Track (Feature) - Stargazer - Katy Pfaffl

2023 Festival: Text
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