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The 2022

Berkeley Springs

Film Festival

This year is even bigger and better than last year! More films, more seminars, more filmmakers, more fun!

You can download the Official 2022 Program Guide listing all the films, events and times by clicking here.

You can download the list of all the films accepted, and the award winning films for this year's festival here, or see the list of award winning films below.

To see the 2022 Seminar descriptions, click here.

Scroll down to watch the video of the Award Ceremony.

2022 Festival: Text

Festival Description

This year is even bigger and better than last year! We have 38 films this year over the 22 run last year, with judges selecting the highest quality most entertaining films.

The festival starts at 3:30 PM with 7 films on Foreign Film Friday including a great documentary about the Dalai Lama’s sister’s challenge to educate over 40,000 children and ending with a zombie movie Friday night. Saturday includes mostly local films made within 50 miles of Berkeley Springs; expanded filmmaker seminars this year open to everyone with an all-access pass; and Awards Ceremony followed by the After Party where you can meet and socialize with the filmmakers themselves. Sunday winds up with over 8 hours of films including some beautifully animated films and student films.

Over 20 independent filmmakers plan to attend this year and we are honored to have as our Keynote Speaker a First Assistant Director Kenny Chaplin that worked on numerous Hollywood blockbusters to share how to get a job on a major motion picture set.

Due to limited seating and venues we are only selling all-access passes which can be purchased for the same low price as last year, $55 via our website here. That’s less than half the price of most film festivals! The primary focus of our festival is to support struggling independent filmmakers, but we selected films based on their entertainment value.

We have no paid staff and are all volunteers, so come out and support the arts!

2022 Festival: Text

Awards Listed by Film Title

Awards Listed by Film (38 Awards)

Some categories had many films that qualified, so we awarded a second and third place. Of the possible 16 categories the judges rated from 1 to 10, some films were tied or within 1/10 of a point, so we gave the award to both. Some categories had few films that qualified, or the ratings weren't high enough to merit award, so there was no award. Our goal is to recognize all efforts that were well above average. If your film was accepted into the festival, you were a winner! These are just icing on the cake:

   Director: Geleck Palsang
Best Feature Documentary
Best Editing (Feature)
Best Cinematography (Feature Documentary)

Appalachian Voices
   Director: Madi Haun
Best Student Documentary (tied)

Assawoman Anomalies
   Director: B.L. Strang-Moya
   Best Editing (Short Documentary) (tied)
Best Audio (Short Documentary)
Best Cinematography (Short)

   Director: "Aaron Singh and Borka Szabó"
Best Foreign Student Film

Dragon Poets of Boston
   Director: Gordon LePage
   Best Animated Film
Best Directing (Short Narrative) (tied)
Best Audio (Short Narrative)
Most Entertaining Film (Short Narrative)
Best Short Script (tied)
Best Lead Actor (Short)

Edge of Town
   Director: Christopher Flippo
   Best Feature Narrative Film
   Best Directing (Feature)
   Best Cinematography (Feature Narrative)

Free to Care
   Director: "Chris Temple and Owen Dubeck"
   Best Short Documentary (tied)
   Best Directing (Short Documentary)

Hurricane 6
   Director: Fiona O'Brien
   Best Choreography

Lilac Gulch: An Appalachian Fairy Tale
   Director: Jason A Young
2nd Best Short Narrative Film
   Best Cinematography (Short Narrative)

Pirate Lesson
   Director: Sofia Azpe
Best Student Animation

   Director: Lindsey Martin
Best Short Script

Some Stiff Competition
   Director: Paul Zinder
   Best Foreign Short Documentary

The Awakening of Lilith
Director: Steven Adam Renkovish
Best Lead Actress (Feature Narrative) - Brittany Renée Smith as Lilith

The Black Raven
   Director: George Wyhinny
   Best Short Documentary (tied)
   Best Editing (Short Documentary) (tied)

The Legacy Sessions
   Director: William D. Ashton
   Best Short Narrative Film
   Best Directing (Short Narrative) (tied)
Best Editing (Short Narrative)
Best Supporting Actress - Bonnie Jourdan as Flora

The Repairman
   Director: Devin Shane Hylton
Best Supporting Actor (Feature) - Chris Baker as Detective Morrison

Tri-Hard: A Documentary Short Film
   Director: Shawn Malangyaon
Best Student Documentary (tied)

We'll Meet Again
   Director: Baylin Hoffman
Best Cinematography, Student Film

2022 Festival: Text

2022 Award Ceremony

2022 Festival: Text
2022 Festival: Pro Gallery
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