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2024 Festival Details

Click here to download the complete 2024 Official Program Guide including description of all films and schedule of events. Everyone will receive a printed copy when they arrive at the theater.

Click here to get information about the 2024 Filmmaker Seminars (sponsored by the WV Film Office).

2024 Festival: Text

2024 Award Winners

S H O R T    F I L M    A W A R D S
Burnt Factory
Best Short Film  - Jeff Boggess and Rob Simmons  (won microphone)

Best Directing  (short film) - Jeff Boggess and Rob Simmons

Best Editing  (short film) - Jeff Boggess and Rob Simmons

Best Audio  (short film) - Jeff Boggess and Rob Simmons

Best Writing  (short film) - Jeff Boggess 
Best Lead Actor (tied)  (short film)- Rob Simmons
Best Supporting Actor  (short film) - Jeff Boggess

The Metamorph
Best Student Film - Maximillian Remmler
2nd Best Short Film - Maximillian Remmler
Best Special Effects  (short film) - Maximillian Remmler
Best Lead Actor (tied)  (short film) - Tut Gregory

Sweet Press
Best Short Documentary - Laura Lancu

Chicken Soup for the Soil
2nd Best Documentary - Brandon Gaesser

Bridge / Keeper
Best Cinematography (short film) - Eric Richardson

Best Sound Design  (short film) - Daniel Teo
Best Music Soundtrack -  (short film) - Daniel Teo, Greg Beaton, Luke Rex

Blue Hour
Best Supporting Actress  (short film) - Diamond Taylor

Most People
Best Lead Actress  (short film) - Savannah Baker

F E A T U R E    F I L M   A W A R D S
A Bridge To Life
Best Feature Documentary - Chris Farina (won tripod)
Best Directing  (documentary feature) - Chris Farina
Best Cinematography (documentary feature) - Stu Maxey
Best Audio (narrative or documentary feature film) - Gabriel Deloach and Pete Penebre

Chicken Coop
Best Narrative Feature - Joseph DeGolyer (won 1 year subscription to WriterDuet)
Best Directing (feature film) - Joseph DeGolyer
Best Editing (feature film) - Parker Peterson and Joseph DeGolyer
Best Cinematography  (feature film) - Parker Peterson
Best Sound Design (tied) (feature film) - Keith Owen
Best Music Soundtrack (feature film) - James Gameboy
Best Writing  (feature film) - Joseph DeGolyer
Best Lead Actor  (feature film) - Noah Kershisnik as Isaac
Best Supporting Actor  (feature film) - Mark Bracich as Abe

Wind and Bone
2nd Best Narrative Feature - Michael Tuthill and Kevin Troy (won 1 year subscription to WriterDuet)

Best Sound Design (tied) (feature film) - James Cappe and Chris Maes (won 1 year subscription to WriterDuet)
Best Special Effects  (feature film) - Peter Mattson
Best Lead Actress (feature film) - Paige Rion as Sandra Ramirez
Best Supporting Actress (feature film) - Julie Kashmanian as Phoebe Westover

2024 Festival: Text
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