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2024 Filmmaker Seminars

Our filmmaker seminars are sponsored by The West Virginia Film Office and are open to anyone. You do not have to buy a festival pass to attend.

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Stanley Livingston

Stanley Livingston, most well known in his acting role as Chip on the popular 60s TV series My Three Sons, has been writing, directing and producing films in Hollywood for the past 60 years.

Having seen many actors inadvertently ruin their career as they are just starting out, Stan will be presenting a 3-hour seminar on the business side of acting and share how you can continue your insider training with his 10 hour video series with other Hollywood actors, entitled The Actors Journey covering 65 different topics.

He also will be answering any questions you have regarding writing, directing or producing during his Q&A. Whether your an actor, director or producer, you won't want to miss this one!

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2024 Seminars: Pro Gallery
2024 Seminars: Pro Gallery

Johnny Becker

Stunt Coordinator Johnny Becker's credits are too long to list here, but include Live Free or Die Hard, Wonder Woman 1984 and House of Cards.

His one hour presentation will include a 15 minute stunt show, with the players explaining safe techniques of fighting, falling, stunt driving, camera angles, forced perspective and firearm safety. Also, the use of breakaway glass and plastic, balsa boards, safely falling into cardboard boxes, squibs, blood packs and different types of pads and mats. A Q&A session would follow. This is not to make you into a qualified stunt man, but to give you a general understanding of professional stunts so you will recognize a safe and unsafe practices on your film set. Safety first!

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